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High precision car self diagnostics tools for advanced measurements and adjustments


Brain Bee has been the first company to devise car self-diagnostics based on black box modules, separating the development of diagnostic software from the data display.
Today the range of tools for self-diagnostics is the strength of Brain Bee’s production and includes a variety of tools and products that guarantee to make any diagnostic intervention on vehicles’ control unit effective.
Brain Bee’s range of tools for car self-diagnostics comes from a long experience, constant investments in research and development within the company, and a continuous technological and database updating. Brain Bee’s instruments for self-diagnostics, like the new b-Touch (link to product page) or the classic ST-6000 (link to product page) allow you to control every electronic control unit of any vehicle, enhancing the functions of traditional scan tools and optimizing the interaction between mechanic and scan tool.
Large screens and touch screens will allow you to control all the information you need:

  • Reading of control unit information
  • Reading of parameters / status
  • Reading / deletion of errors
  • Adjustments
  • Activations
  • Codings
  • Location, through visualization, of diagnostic outlets and identification of cable to use.

      Moreover, the simplicity of the connection to the PC will allow you to perfectly integrate PC and scan tool. In addition, the database of Brain Bee car self-diagnostic tools is complete and continuously updated and includes a database on Asian as well as European vehicles, including commercial vehicles.