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Brain Bee is a world leader in production, design and development of car diagnostic tools and automotive equipment for professional workshops.

Constant and significant investment in research and development have enabled Brain Bee to be the ideal partner to meet the needs of car service and repair stations: by producing innovative and cutting edge products and workshop equipment to facilitate and improve the daily work of car repair professionals.

Among the Brain Bee equipment for car workshops, which has strongly contributed to the innovation and development of the automotive sector, our leading products are those for vehicle self-diagnostics and air conditioning charging stations.


Brain Bee patented the first self-diagnostics - based on black-box modules translating the various communication protocols among different control units into a standard protocol, thus separating the diagnostic software from the data display. This has allowed the integration of self-diagnostic tools with the PCs on the market.

Brain Bee also has the merit of developing entirely digital charging stations for air conditioning. In fact, we are the first company to have produced air conditioning stations operating with a new type of cooling gas as prescribed by law. The company has also contributed to the continuous development of the automotive sector through the creation of a wide range of garage equipment based on Bluetooth technology: exhaust gas analyzers and smokemeters, oscilloscopes, car diagnostic tools and much more.


Brain Bee is a trusted and leading partner for the supply of automotive workshop equipment worldwide.